Rhyme Time - They Meet

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Inspired by Woody Allen's Oscar presentation, I wrote Rhyme Time way back in 2002.
Ten years later, it's a self-published ebook...woo hoo!
Rhyme Time 58


Rhyme Time's leading men are set on their plan and will not wean.
They're almost as tough as The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen.
Rhyme Time 57


Rhyme Time's baker Morris was his day's George Clooney.
If he were still around today, he'd be as old as Mickey Rooney.
Rhyme Time 56


Although its dialogue rhymes, Rhyme Time is not a musical and there is no organ.
It is quite silly though, just like Tracy Morgan.
Rhyme Time 55


Rhyme Time has three protagonists instead of just one.
The ebook is rated 'G' so its audience can include a nun.
Rhyme Time 54


Rhyme Time's Tony Palmenterri is constantly eating whether it's pasta or a sandwich.
He's a disgusting glutton, just like Newt Gingrich.
Rhyme Time 53


Rhyme Time's heroes plot a caper versus the mob...can they thrive?
Later they plan to travel and do nothing...like Mark Zuckerberg when Facebook stock took a dive
Rhyme Time 52


At $1.99, there's no need for RhymeTime.ca to be on Groupon.
Besides, as Triumph would say, that company is for me to poop on.
Rhyme Time 51


Rhyme Time is completely original like the great George Carlin.
It doesn't steal creative ideas like Family Guy's Seth McFarlane.
Rhyme Time 50


Will authoring Rhyme Time qualify me as a poet laureate?
Probably not, but perhaps it can elevate me to bourgeois from proletariat.
Rhyme Time 49


Will Roger Ebert give Rhyme Time a thumbs up?
Who knows, but at least it's suitable for families as opposed to 2 girls and 1 cup.
Rhyme Time 48


Rhyme Time is an ebook with a butcher, baker, and candlestick maker.
It's suitable for anyone whether you're Christian, Muslim, or Quaker
Rhyme Time 47


Are you tired of reading the same old books to your kids day in & day out?
Give Rhyme Time a try and I guarantee your child won't pout.
Rhyme Time 46


When was the last time you read an amusing book that rhymes?
It's cheap too, it'll only cost you twenty dimes.
Rhyme Time 45


Rhyme Time is about three vendors versus the mob in a caper.
It's a devious plan that otherwise could only be pulled off by Mad Men's Don Draper.
Rhyme Time 44


Marketing a book in which all dialogue rhymes is a little meshugana.
At least I'm not a complete sell-out by offering costly paraphernalia.
Rhyme Time 43


Rhyme Time takes place in 1932 in NY's Little Italy...
the rhyming dialogue for this e-book is quite the anomaly
Rhyme Time 42


If your sad, had a bad day and need something to make you smile...
spend a measly $1.99 on Rhyme Time and you'll see it's worthwhile.
Rhyme Time 41


What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold?
One's a sick duck...I forget the rest but buy my ebook so that I get another copy sold.
Rhyme Time 40


Check out Rhyme Time for an ebook that is quite entertaining.
At just $1.99, think of how much you'll be saving.
Rhyme Time 39


Rhyme Time has tons of pictures so it can be read by Sarah Palin.
Why hasn't that lady faded from the news yet like Kato Kaelin?
Rhyme Time 38


Hannibal Lector, Darth Vader, The Joker, and now Rhyme Time's Tony Palmenterri...
all great antagonists who are quite scary.
Rhyme Time 37


I finally launched my ebook Rhyme Time...Mazel Tov!
It'll make anyone laugh, even the grumpy Karl Rove.
Rhyme Time 36


Rhyme Time takes place in NY, not a fictional town like Park & Rec's Pawnee.
This helps make it more genuine, unlike Mitt Romney.
Rhyme Time 35


A new trend is emerging reading Rhyme Time in your pajamas...
I hope it spreads all the way to the Obamas.
Rhyme Time 34


Rhyme Time's heroes become vigilantes like Batman a.k.a. Bruce Wayne.
They lack brute strength so they are fighting with their wits, like Fraser Crane.
Rhyme Time 33


Rhyme Time's antagonist is the don of the mafia who is rather overweight...
the e-book is now available so you no longer have to wait.
Rhyme Time 32


When I wrote Rhyme Time in 2002, I had to make sure that I would shirk...
simply because I wrote 50% of it while I was in my cubicle at work.
Rhyme Time 31


I wrote Rhyme Time in 2002 and now it's finally available...
at $1.99, there's no excuse not to buy it as it's quite affordable.
Rhyme Time 30


If you're bored and don't feel like playing a board game like Yahtzee...
check out Rhyme Time an ebook that is funny and a little schmaltzy.
Rhyme Time 29


I read that childrens book authors even now include Madonna...
after what she did in the 80s and 90s, that's a lot of chutzpah.
Rhyme Time 28


Will Rhyme Time's characters become as iconic as Darth Vader?
I doubt it but they are funnier than anything with Bill Hader.
Rhyme Time 27


If Rhyme Time spreads and becomes as popular as Mork from Ork
do you think it'll catch the attention of Colbert in New York?
Rhyme Time 26


Rhyme Time's three leading heroes know they have flaws and are not a paragon...
unlike Paul Ryan claiming his time running a marathon.
Rhyme Time 25


Rhyme Time's Moe is a womanizer but is cautious and has never gotten syphilis...
but I can't make that same claim for Die Hard's Bruce Willis.
Rhyme Time 24


Rhyme Time's Tony Palmenterri is the story's adversary who rules with an iron fist.
It's quite the amusing ebook that shouldn't be missed.
Rhyme Time 23


Rhyme Time has verses as poetic as songs by Bob Marley.
It also has funny slapstick scenes like Matt Foley aka Chris Farley.
Rhyme Time 22


What do Rhyme Time's characters have in common with Bill Maher?
None celebrate Purim, eat matzah, or blow into a shofar.
Rhyme Time 21


War & Peace, A Tale of Two Cities, A Catcher in the Rye...all timeless literature.
Rhyme Time is no classic but it is fun and immature.
Rhyme Time 20


Rhyme Time's Flourence plots her own scheme using Joseph like a pawn.
She's got a smug face and receding hairline, just like Vince Vaughn.
Rhyme Time 19


What can your hard earned 199 pennies get you today?
The answer can be found at Rhyme Time dot CA
Rhyme Time 18


Will publishing RhymeTime.ca earn me an award?
No, but at least my readers won't be bored.
Rhyme Time 17


There's nothing better than curling up with a good book...
if you buy Rhyme Time you'll be helping out this poor shnook.
Rhyme Time 16


What do Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, and e e cummings all share?
None of them wrote Rhyme Time but for $1.99 that price is more than fair.
Rhyme Time 15


Rhyme Time can easily be adapted into a film or Broadway play.
It's suitable for the whole family, unlike 50 Shades of Grey.
Rhyme Time 14


Rhyme Time can be purchased in ebook stores, not in Google.
It's only $1.99 so it's affordable for those who are frugal.
Rhyme Time 13


Rhyme Time can be purchased as an ebook today...
it's available in several countries including Mexico...Ole
Rhyme Time 12


Can three lowly merchants take on the mob and succeed?
Find out in Rhyme Time, the e-book that's a joy to read.
Rhyme Time 11


Rhyme Time is an ebook that is becoming all the rage.
It's more entertaining than 90% of the movies by Nicolas Cage.
Rhyme Time 10


Will Rhyme Time become as popular as The Hobbit?
It has as much of a chance as any guy dating Loreena Bobbit.
Rhyme Time 9


What are the two greatest ways to spend $1.99 on your day off?
Buy my ebook Rhyme Time or buy a hamburger for a drunk David Hasselhoff.
Rhyme Time 8


Rhyme Time's Beau realizes he can't win on his own and needs some aid...
...so he recruited two other guys to help him, just like Dwayne Wade.
Rhyme Time 7


Rhyme Time is now available in ebook readers such as Kindle, Nook, and iPad...
for $1.99, that price ain't so bad.
Rhyme Time 6


Will Rhyme Time sell as many copies as Harry Potter?
Definitely not, but it's as entertaining as Welcome Back Kotter.
Rhyme Time 5


An ebook that rhymes? How uncanny.
Perhaps I can read it to my dear old granny.
Rhyme Time 4


Whose pleasing voice should be Rhyme Time's narrator?
Jeremy Irons...Anthony Hopkins...or Ah'nold Schwarzenegger?
Rhyme Time 3


The three leading men of RhymeTime.ca are Beau, Joseph, and Morris...
...hopefully their names will be as famous as Seinfeld's Doloris.
Rhyme Time 1


Hopefully you'll like Rhyme Time and it'll tickle your funny bone...
...if you buy it you'll be helping me pay off my colossal student loan


Throughout history all great men eventually lose their power...
..this time the cause was three local merchants who refused to cower